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Fortigate 401F Stop Working

Hi all,


i am facing one of the strange issue with FortiGate 401F model it run Firmware Version 7.0.12.


suddenly sometimes this FortiGate stop working even i can not access internal corporate subnets and internet but when i am checking from FortiGate firewall Console i can reach to but client can not ping and can't brows to the internet.

i was opened TT with FortiGate Tach still they are also looking for this issue this issue happen sometime in a week two times and sometime in a month.


i troubleshoot allot and check the internal network after troubleshooting the last thing which i did it was i configure on of the physical port of the FortiGate to check and allow that test subnet to internet for testing purpose when this issue happen i connect my laptop direct to that test port but i had no internet so due to that i figure out that issue is with FortiGate firewall  becouse  even direct from FortiGate i dont had internet, during this period of time even i can not reach my internal subnets as well, it down the functioning for 5 minuets after 5 minuets everting coming up and working.


any one else had the same issue.


looking forward for your nice comments on this.


Can you check if the system was entering conserve mode during the time of issue using "diag debug crashlog read"



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Hi @forti123,


As Suraj suggested, you can check if there were crashes or not. Additionally, you can run a debug flow while pinging across the internal network or to the Internet to see the traffic flow. Below are debug flow commands. You can replace IP address with a destination IP. 


di deb disable
di deb res
diagnose debug flow filter clear
di deb flow filter addr
di deb flow filter proto 1
diagnose debug flow show function-name enable
di deb flow show iprope en
diagnose debug console timestamp enable
diagnose debug flow trace start 500
diagnose debug enable


- Run 'di deb dis' to disable the debug. 




Hi @forti123 


You can check quickly memory utilization by the command or in the dashboard gui

#get system performance status 


If memory is normal, when the issue happens then we need to take traffic debug.



Vinay HM
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