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Fortigate 300E - What is the best process to follow when doing a firmware downgrade from 7.2.6 to 7.

Hi All

New to Fortigate's and just hit my first snag after a firmware upgrade from 7.2.4 to 7.2.6. Since the Firmware upgrade we have issues with our FQDN policies. My Question is what would be the best way to downgrade to 7.2.5.

We have 2 x 300E in HA, and I am considering doing the below:

Removing the secondary unit and then downgrade the firmware, once the firmware has been downgraded, I plan to power up the device and connect the network cables except for the HA. I will then power down the Primary and see if all the comms are restored on the secondary. Once we have confirmed that, I will then downgrade the primary's firmware and then connect including the HA.

The other option is to downgrade the Firmware and then factory default the Firewall and then restore the config.

I am just not 100% sure of what the best route would be as I do not want to upgrade to 7.4.1 router login



Roll back option :

You can revert to the previous firmware and configuration by booting FortiGate with the secondary partition by following the instructions in the given article

If there are multiple firmware upgrades and you need to revert to the original version. By referring to the given article, you must format the flash with a TFTP server and load the initial firmware version. Then, restore the configuration file that was saved prior to the upgrade.





Hi @itchel,
In addition to Jamal suggestion, please refer to this document for downgrading process However, please keep in mind that downgrade is not recommended.


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