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Forticonnect Vs FortiAuthenticator

Hi, a couple of days ago, I was tasked with a FortiAuthenticator deplpoyment.

While doing my research, I came across the FortiConnect appliance, which seemed to share much of the same functionality. So,I'm left kind of confused as to what appliance to choose.

The intent is as follows;

Provide a Aruba Clearpass alternative to run parallel with a Fortinet appliance to better extend the already deployed FortiWLC.

What fortinet appliances would be recommended for such a scenario?

Any advice would be appreciated.


Those requirements are way to vague. What does "better extend" mean? What exactly do you need to do?


FortiConnect is strictly for guest access. So if you need to do general wi-fi authentication for non-guests then you need FortiAuthenticator

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FortiConnect is a product from the old Meru wireless suite that was merged into Fortinet years ago, and while it is still supported (I think), it is no longer sold and all of its functionality and more is now part of FortiAuthenticator.

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