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FortiGate HA Synchronized But not showing on FortiCloud

Hi Concern,


I have two FotiGate-200F firewall and both synchronized to each other in Active-Passive mode HA. According to the Primary firewall shows both firewall synchronized but when I am login to my forticloud account so the status secondary firewall in not green in Status column & in SD-WAN column. Noted that both firewall's subscription are activated. Please guide what the issue01.JPG02.JPG


This is expected behaviour for FortiGate Cloud:


You must purchase a subscription for each FortiGate in a high availability (HA) cluster. FortiGate Cloud handles each device separately regardless of configuration. FortiGate Cloud accepts inbound logs from each device independently and cannot detect whether connected devices are in an HA cluster. Though multiple HA clustered devices theoretically send identical logs to FortiGate Cloud, if one device stops logging or cannot reach FortiGate Cloud, the other devices do not send logs on its behalf.