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Forticlient Ubuntu 20.04 Peer_id

I was wondering if anyone had experience with Forticlient 7 on a Ubuntu 20.04 distribution? 

I am currently trying to establish a VPN on an Ubuntu 20.04 Operating System with the following characteristics:

Type: IPSec
Credentials: Username, Password, Pre-shared Key, Peer_Id

I have found that Strongswan offers the option for an IPsec with a pre-shared key, however, there is no support for the Peer_Id. The Peer_Id is a requirement of the setup.


In the Windows version there is a method to establish this VPN type through the client but the client in Ubuntu only allows SSL VPN and XML.


Any help anyone could provide on this would be much appreciated. 

David Todd
Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello David,


Could you maybe have a look on this old forum post?:


Tell me if it helped. If not, we will continue to investigate.


Anthony-Fortinet Community Team.

Hi David,


The FortiClient on Linux does not support IPsec as far as I'm aware. Either use strongswan or the given option SSLVPN.


Best regards,