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FortiClient - Ubuntu 20.04LTS

My company switched to Fortinet for VPN access this morning. From what I can tell the license has not yet been activated yet since I see the messages:

Please contact your administrator or connect to EMS for license activation.

Unlicensed VPN access is available until May 20, 2021 8:43:43 AM


I have installed the client on my Ubuntu host and configured my VPN (with cert). When I try to connect all I see is a popup that says "VPN disconnected". I have looked in the logs but don't see anything helpful there. Also I don't seem to be able to increase the logging level (the Log Level dropdown is disabled).


Where do I go from here?

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You can download a free version of vpn client in case you don't have an EMS server



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Solution = check under wi-fi settings. The checkbox "Allow other users to use this connection" must not be enabled.

With connection sharing enabled, I had the exact same issue. As soon as I entered Fortitoken code for the SSL VPN connection, the VPN Disconnected popup appeared.
Forti SSL log files lead down a wrong rabbit hole - something about failing to backup route table and dns cache flushing failing.
Some Fortinet forum posts about those messages, said that AppArmor might be interfering or libindicator7 package needed to be installed manually. But none of that helped.

Only disabling the sharing checkbox from wifi settings got VPN working.


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