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Forticlient EMS upgrade telemetry considerations



I have to upgrade a forticlient EMS which is currently on version 6.2.7 to the 6.4.8 version.


I've read the admin guide's instructions and the process seems straightforward:


But the current EMS server is only accesible for endpints through for a forticlient SSL VPN connection or if they are within the company's intranet and it worries me that during the upgrade process those clients that are physically outside the network would loose their telemetry settings and wont be able to connect again to the EMS.


In other words, I need the upgrade process  to be imperceptible for endusers and I dont know if those instructios are enought for this escenario.


Can someone provide me some guidance in this matter?

Is there more documentation about the EMS upgrade process?


Thanks in advance!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello Miguel,


Thank you for using the Community Forum.

I will seek to get you an answer or help. We will reply to this thread with an update as soon as possible.



Anthony-Fortinet Community Team.

Hi Miguel3,


The instruction in cookbook is sufficient in your case. 

Make sure to take DB backup and VM snapshot before this upgrade.

Also ensure that all FCTs are on at least 6.2.x version as well, as EMS 6.4.8 will no longer manage FCT 6.0.x.


The telemetry setting should stay in existing endpoints and they will reconnect to EMS with VPN after EMS completed the upgrade.


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