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Forticlient 7.2.3 Bug

We are currently attempting to upgrade Forticlient VPN Free version across the company from 7.0.8 to 7.2.3. We've always had issues with this in the past and is a major task for us to update it.


I have a custom built install through psappdeploytoolkit, I can get the new version installed and config imported with no issues. However there seems to be a bug when we upgrade users whom have older versions installed, some still have remanence of 6.0.9 and 7.0.8 (currently installed).


When you click "connect" it just takes you to the Settings (setting cog) page 

Screenshot 2024-02-20 201504.png

The home page button disappears with no prompt to sign in, to get the home page to re-appear you must close/re-open Forticlient.


Even after a revo full removal and manual install of Forticlient the issue still remains.


Has anyone else seen this or have an idea of where I can look to resolve the issue, we're in urgent need to get this updated across the company ASAP.


Happy to provide more info/logs. Seems like a very weird issue and I'm not sure if it's related to when we've done upgrade's incorrectly in the past and left over files/registries, some case's show computers still have 6.0.9 as well the version we're attempting to upgrade from 7.0.8 or it may just bene down to how we're updating the application. If we update a newer built laptop within the company that has only ever had v7.0.8 installed the upgrade appears to go through with no issues, this is what makes me question our prior upgrades.



It would be great if you can open a TAC ticket and the engineer can guide you on this better with a remote session.


Siddhanth Poojary
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Where's best to log a TAC ticket?

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