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FortiSwitch 248D-POE and 248D-FPOE without firmware upgrade to 6.0

What happened with firmware for FortiSwitch 248D-POE and 248D-FPOE? FortiSwitch 248D without POE have got upgrade and versions with POE doesn't. Is there a roadmap for these units to got an upgrade to 6.0 firmware in nearest future?

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Anyone? My unit suggest the S248DP-v6.0-build0027 upgrade but since it's a PoE and it's not listed in the release notes, i'm guessing, it's not supported?


My unit is a FortiSwitch 248D POE

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I contacted Support and it does not appear that they will make a path for the 248D-FPOE to move to version 6.

I asked if I could put the 248D firmware on the unit at the cost of losing the FPOE ability and he said that it is not compatible with the hardware.  I hope that they will see the need for this and add an upgrade path for this switch.  The less expensive 124D can run V6.

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that wont happen, that line has been discontinued. please talk with your local sales about it.


In speaking to support, the only real workaround (partial) is to manage the FortiSwitch with your FortiGate.

I was mistaken on the 124D line being supported (It is only the FortiSwitch 124 Rugged series).  As was stated above that series was dropped.

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