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Most stable Fortiauthenticator version?

Hi All,


We are currently running version 5.5 of FAC. We've got other Fortigates, Fortianalyzers and Fortimanager that we're preparing to upgrade to latest stable version 6.


FAC is rock-solid right now on 5.5, and I'm not in desperate need of any new features. Would the recommendation for me to keep FAC at 5.5 or upgrade to a version of 6?



it depends on how you use FortiAuthenticator (FAC) in your network.

If the only features you use FAC for are RADIUS and FSSO, then  .. No, you do not need to upgrade.

Yes, Release Notes usually state with which versions of certain other components like browsers, SSO etc is specific FortiOS compatible with, but it mean it was tested and is surely compatible with. As RADIUS protocol and its use is not changing that often, for example, then you do not need to have matching firmwares to the latest greatest patch level. Same for other features/generic-protocols .. SSO, LDAP ..

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