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I've got 2 FSW 248d connected via fortilink to FWF60. Fortilink is setup on 2 ports set as Hardware switch. To this hardware switch i've setup a number of vlans. On version 6.2 FortiOS i can setup forti link on 2 ports running as aggregate. My questi...
What happened with firmware for FortiSwitch 248D-POE and 248D-FPOE? FortiSwitch 248D without POE have got upgrade and versions with POE doesn't. Is there a roadmap for these units to got an upgrade to 6.0 firmware in nearest future?
Do i need to buy FortiClient EMS, if i wish to extend number of allowed FortiClients to 100 in FortiGate 60E? I have 40 active Windows clients and in my opinion buying EMS isn't the best way to spend money.