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I activated a Fortisandbox cloud instance today through fortinet. I followed all the documentation I could find, but the one fortigate I am testing with (this gate is fully licensed) is not showing up in the device inventory of the sandbox instance. ...
I have a 6 fortiswitches managed by fortilink that all show the same device info for each port multiple times. I have no idea what is causing this. This site is having multiple issues and my logs show nothing unusual. Any help or suggestions would be...
I recently deployed 11 Fortiswitches into an environment. I am using 6 248E-FPOE's, 1 124E-FPOE, and 4 108F-FPOE's. I have 2 of the 248's setup in a MCLAG config and the reset are downstream. The issue I am having is that after initial deployment, al...
I have a FortiWiFi 60F new out of the box. I upgraded it from 6.4.6 to 7.0.11 following the upgrade path. I have console window up and it constantly displays unregister_vf: waiting for vsys_if#0 to become free. Usage count = 5. I google and looked he...
I have a Fortinet Firewall VM running in AWS and am wanting to connect a Win Server AWS VM to an interface of the Fortinet VM. Is this possible? I cannot find anything on doing this.
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