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FortiOS 6.4.1 is out

NSE 4/5/7
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Raudi wrote:

Yesterday i had a issue with 6.4.1 too, after 24 days in my homeoffice my internet access was gone, so i logged in to the 100E and the device shows "conserve mode".


I made a litte research and all the memory was used by "480" tasks with the name "node".


Now after a reboot the memory usage is going slowly straight up, so i think in a few days i must reboot the device again. At the moment i have 186 of the "node" tasks, and every few minutes i can count one more...


Thanks for the report. We are working on a fix for this issue for 6.4.2.

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I have not, but about to upgrade in my lab setup this weekend.  Currently running 6.4.0 and so far have been impressed but still really buggy.  Hope 6.4.1 will be good as we are suffering many bugs from the 6.2 train in our production environment.  

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The list of Known Issues is very small, but that's not all that reassuring for a .1 release. 

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I'm sure more will be added as more people roll it out.  Will let you guys know how the update went this weekend.


What's with the lack of support for the F series? F series wasn't a part of the beta, it did have a 6.4.0 release, and now it's not even on the supported models for 6.4.1


The I think the F models were also behind on the 6.4.0 release.  I would guess they will be coming in the next few days.

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By this stage of 6.2.4 we knew it was a car crash.... Positive thinking, prey this is the fabled stable branch.

Whilst we're waiting for the 60/100F firmware. Can anyone verify the fortilink/hardware switch bug has been fixed?

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There are some issue solved: like ssl vpn split tunnel not working an MacOS computers.


But there are some glitches (probabily) grafical not working. Right now i am unable to set up a a fabric device 'cause the page seems "broken".


NOTE: I manage two 501Es HA in production.  I will NOT be updating those for a bit longer.  This was done on home/lab equipment.  Don't be careless at work with firmware this new!!! So I took the plunge.  My home setup is a FWF-60E, connected to a FSW108DPoE, that hosts a FortiAP 221C.  I was running 6.0.9.  It has been ok, but has randomly stopped working every two or three months requiring a reboot.  I've never taken the time to find root cause. I realized that Device ID and Tags will be removed or modified due to the update.  I use free FortiCloud logging as FAZ is too expensive for home use (unfortunately). I updated to 6.2.4 first.  No problems.  The process converted my custom Device IDs to type Device (MAC Address).  Each device was renamed in the following format: _upg_dev_DEVICENAME@XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX So, nice that FTNT embed that info in the name.  If  you use Device IDs heavily, make sure you read the release notes and understand how this will work. My FortiSwitch and FortiAP were detected and manageable without error as far as I could tell.  I have a very simple setup (two VLANs) though so YMMV. I next upgraded to 6.4.0 again no problems.  Some menus seems snappier and I like the UI.  I let it stabilize for about 10 minutes and then went on to 6.4.1. After the update regarding 6.4.1 you are presented with a screen that looks like the config may have defaulted.  It doesn't.  It is only asking you if you'd like to optimize the dashboard widgets.  Select Optimal and OK (unless you want to keep your old layout).  You are then shown a screen asking if you'd like to review new features.  After dismissing that, you are in the GUI. If you check the available widgets, there are a ton of options now. So it seems like things are working ok.  Will update if I see any oddness or other stability issues.  Memory is running at 50% which is less than when I was running 6.0.9 so that is nice.


Edit: After 48 hours things are still running fine.  I was able to add a second SSID for a project and that was easy.  FWF60E is consuming on average 66% of RAM with ~20 IP devices, FortiSwitch and FortiAP controller enabled.  SLL Inspection isn't being used and VPN is not either.  Policies are using IPS/IDS, Webfilter, AV, and App Control.


So far so good.

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