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FortiOS 5 DDNS without using Fortiguard Servers DNS



is it possible to use DDNS in FortiOs 5 (5.2.7) without using Fortigurd Servers in DNS Settings?

Unfortunately the DDNS Settings will only be displayed and usable when I have choosen "use Fortiguard Servers".


The problem is that the FG DNS Servers are very slow (Ping latency).

So i want furthermore use these DNS from my provider (t-online Germany) and also using the DDNS feature,

for alternative DDNS Provider (dyndns, no-ip).


Are there any solutions to enable these?


My Device is a FGT60D with FW: 5.2.7.


Regards Chris

New Contributor

You can configure it trough cli, not available in web gui, some thing like


config system ddns        edit 2         set ddns-server         set ddns-domain ""         set ddns-username "youruser"         set ddns-password xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx         set monitor-interface "internal4"     next


hope it helps



Hi, many thanks for the Info. So far as i can see there are some restrictions. DDns-Domains are limited (where parts of them are not online anymore and the other are not for free)

Generic uses TSIg only and No-Ip is still not supported.

Just thought it would be easier. ;)

So i use a softclient in the meantime as a workaround.


Regards Chris

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