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Hi fellows: I have a fortigate 100D "G2" running 4mr3 patch 15, and a new one G3 shipped with 5.2, the idea is to replace the G2 with the G3 hardware, and i am just wondering about downgrading the G3 to 4.3.15 in order to execute the upgrade steps to...
Hi: I wonder what kind of hardware would you recommend in order to support a 200 Mbps ipsec tunnel. It will be a single tunnel between 2 metropolitan locations, FTTH links with 200 upload / 200 downoad capability, i have one of this links already, wi...
Hi: I´m planing to implemente HA virtual clustering, and as far as i can read on the documentation, fortigate cluster uses a special set of mac addresses on the interfaces, i have an scenario where i need to specify a specific mac address on some int...