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FortiOS 5.6.2 - Feedback

I see that 5.6 adds some additional features. I have not tried any firmware beyond 5.4.5. What experience are those that are using 5.6.2 having? Would you recommend upgrading from 5.4.5 to 5.6.2 at this point?


FYI after updating to version 5.6.2 stopped showing banners on blocked web sites (such as Fortigate logo, Fortiguard Web Filtering, etc.). Fortigate is divided into two VDOMs (one as routing for SSL VPN and other for an internal network). The problem occurs on both of them. Also, it is not possible to reset some Replacement Messages to a default setting. When I checked the source code of the blocked page, I found a strange URL from which the banners should be loaded. Answer by TAC:

I was able to reproduce the missing logo in 5.6.2.  This seems an issue if the Vdom is set to Proxy inspection, it's using wrong port number to connect to.  I have tested the same on the latest interim build on 5.6 and issue seems resolved.  The release of 5.6.3 is expected around the end of this month, but it is subject to change. 



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Salas wrote:

IPS crached, and traffic stoped flow using rule where IPS was tuned on.


I logged a ticket about a similar crash several months ago. This was their final reply:

I have received confirmation from developer team. They have confirmed that you are hitting bug id # 0447447. This issue will be resolved in 5.6.3 build 1507. 


Of course, I am still waiting for 5.6.3 to show up.



Thanks for the updates. I updated one FortiWiFi 60D to 5.6.2. I have not noticed any problems but have not looked at the unit with any great detail. The FortiWiFi is not very heavily used most days.


The Security Fabric improvements are interesting.


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