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I was sent this article. It is amazing to me the amount of time that was invested in hiding the script and the related activity. Are there any tips or tricks to stopping melicious code like this?
Is it possible/feasible to update FortiGate firewalls FortiOS via a script from a remote monitoring and management system? If so, is there a sample script and recommendations available? We don't yet use FortiManager. Only some firewalls have the paid...
I bet that I am missing an simple solution. Via the FortiGate, I would like to filter for ports that are Down on one or more managed FortiSwitch's using the WiFi & Switch Controller / FortiSwitch Ports page. The column Port displays the port number a...
A client we help has a small office, one Windows Server, and a FortiGate. The server has some DNS Server problems. Would it be possible and wise to turn uninstall the Windows Server DNS and to instead use the FortiGate for DNS? What are the advantage...
When I review the, and look at the Comparison Chart, reviewing the checkmarks under the column VPN/ZTNA, I see a number of listed features. Some may be helpful, though we do use a...
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