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New to FortiExtender. Trying to determine if using FortiExtenders might be a good choice for a WAN2 connection in the event that the existing WAN1 connection goes off-line for a time. I'm curious what options exist to subscribe to the SIM cards. I kn...
If someone is managing multiple FortiGates via the free version of FortiCloud, is it possible to verify that the IP signatures are up to date, to ensure that the log4j signature can be detected and blocked? Thank you!
I'm setting up a FortiGate 40F on a network that has not had a UTM firewall before now. The firewall is running FortiOS is version 6.4.7. On some other FortiOS versions, i.e. 5.4, there is a Learn configuration options in the policies. I don't see th...
I understand that there is a new vulnerability titled: Windows Print Spooler Remote Code Execution Vulnerability, code: CVE-2021-34527. Here is a link to a Microsoft article: Does anyone know if there...
We may be working with a new customer that currently uses a mixture of wireless access point brands. I always prefer to use one brand to make management and monitoring easier. There may be 15 or more wireless access points required. There certainty w...
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