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FortiManager - multiple VDOMs

I know it might seem like a stupid question but it appears I was under/made the wrong assumption that you could add individual VDOMs from a FGT and not all of them in FMG/ diff ADOMs.


I have a FGT w/ 60+ VDOMs and recently acquired a FMG license for 40 devices. I went w/ the assumption that since every interface in every VDOM has the option to enable FMG-Access, they could be individually added via that interface in the specific VDOM, but that's not the case.

Besides requiring user w/ super_admin profile to add the FGT in FMG, it tries to add all of them which triggers a Insufficient licenses error message and I cant seem to find a way to add only certain ones, let's say that besides the mgmt VDOM ( root ) , VDOM-A, VDOM-B, VDOM-C, and each of them has unique ip addresses and I've tried to add them individually no luck.


FMG 7.0.5

FGT 6.4.11


Is there something I'm missing or is just not possible ?

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Ok, in the mean time I've heard back from TAC:

"All VDOMs are included in the license calculation. You cannot separate VDOMs and add them to FMG."
Maybe something similar can be done for FMG like for FAZ, should be applied in the future here, per-vdom settings.
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Thanks for sharing this.  I am having the same issue

Peter Shastri
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