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FortiManager Upgrade: from 5.6.1 ? Stable version Hunt !!!

Dear All,


Please let me know which is the stable / good working firmware version for FortiManager version - v5.6.1-build1619 171217 (GA) ( Platform Type FMG-VM64 ).


Release dates of 5.6.5 and 6.0.2 are: 5.6.5 2018-06-28 13:06:58

6.0.2 2018-09-05 13:09:01


Is the 6.X version good to go now ? 


Fortigate Firmware from 5.4.1 to 5.6.3 version is good to upgrade ?



Million thanks in advance !!!


Warmest Regards, Sri Sre
Warmest Regards, Sri Sre
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We've been using FMG 5.6.5 since it was released with very little issues - nothing serious so far. We probably won't even upgrade to FMG 5.6.6 right away because the need just isn't there for us.


Personally, I would avoid FMG 6.0.2 - but that's just based on personal experience with FMG in general, not that particular release.


Is it good to go to any of the 6.x.x version? better than 5.6.5 ? or better to upgrade it to 5.6.5 ?


Do you have any idea on the stable version upgrades for fortigate OS, like I would like to upgrade 5.2.x to 5.4.x and 5.4.x to 5.6.x .....


So any way to identify the stable version of 5.4.x and 5.6.x? 


Thanks a lot for the reply

Warmest Regards, Sri Sre
Warmest Regards, Sri Sre

Most people who support large and complex FortiGate networks shy away from new version trains until they hit patch release 4 or 5. Our own SEs have advised us of the same.


We run 5.6.5 on our FortiGates and has been stable.


So that is what I would recommend - go with 5.6.6 for the FortiGates, and 5.6.5 for FMG.


thanks a lot for the reply.


Could you please let me know the stable version for the 5.4.X ... any idea ?

Warmest Regards, Sri Sre
Warmest Regards, Sri Sre

Could you please let me know the stable version for the 5.4.X ... any idea ? Since certain hardware compatible issues are there in my environment.

Warmest Regards, Sri Sre
Warmest Regards, Sri Sre



What do you mean by stable version? 

You need to always check couple of points here:

1) Always check the FMG/FOS compatibility chart 

2) Always verify  the released note of the target FMG , as an example ,please take a look into the page 18 of FMG6.0.2 released note. It includes the list of  all FGT (and other supported devices) which are supported by this FMG. 

3) Also remember FMG manages FGTs based on ADOM versions, for example, FGT which  is running on  6.0.2, must be managed by ADOM 6.0. 


4) You may also verify the device compatibility via FMG itself . Use diagnose dvm supported-platforms list.


Let me know if you find this explanation helpful. 




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