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FortiMail 6.2 webdav calendar sharing with outlook


I configured the calendar option in fortimail. I can access my mails in outlook 2016 over imap.

Now I would like to have the calendar on the server, so it can be accessed over multiple computers with outlook.

I managed to share the calendar, so I have it on my main pc and over web.

Now I try to set it up on another pc with outlook 2016. I connect the mailbox. Then tried to add an internet calendar over the outlook account settings. I click new, fill in the calendar's address. Here I have actually more possibilities, but none is working correctly, namely:

1. From the web gui of the fortimail - calendar - settings - free/busy url (allow public access checked, do not know why) - when selected, an error 0x0004000A sais no appointments could be imported. No new appointments can be added.

2. From the web gui of the fortimail - calendar - personal (to the left) - settings - ical url (allow public access checked, do not know why) - the most successfull option, the calendar is added to outlook, however no new appointments can be added.

3. From the web gui of the fortimail - settings (top right) - service url - show - webdav url - I am ask for credentials, after it a popup outlook window appears stating, that the callendar could not be added and asking to check the hyperlink - THIS VERSION IS THE STANDARD ONE MENTIONED IN EVERY FORTINET MANUAL, for example here

4. Also tried some .ics url, which resulted in empty calendar and no options of adding anything.

I also tried sharing my calendar under web gui, but I cannot share it with myself.

Is there a way of having and sharing a calendar between multiple computers under outlook?

The procedure stated in fortigate manuals does not work.

And by the way, this is my third post here. So far I got no answer whatsoever for any of those. I am a fortigate customer, who paid a lot of money for both fortigate and fortimail hardware, I am paying monthly amounts for maintainance. Where is this support?

Thank you in advance!


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I have same issue sync webdav with outlook, it just frustrate, Fortinet TAC complete useless when is not Fortigate


Hello Kordian,


I was digging around this topic a time ago, I tried  with several version of Outlook  and I concluded that the main problem was a limitation in Outlook itself and FortiMail did its best effort when dealing with WebDav protocol in presence of Outlook.

Fortunately, we found a solution in an external plugin for Outlook that solved everything we need in the interaction with calendars and FortiMail.

You can find it in [link][/link]


Plugin is free, source code is available, caldav/carddav support, and so on.


Maybe it'll be useful for you too.




/ Abel

regards / Abel
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Thank you Abelio! Finally somebody answers, pity that Fortigate does not care about what is working and what is not working with their products.

I will try this out although it is caldav, not webdav.


Hello Kordian

I am not sure if this issue is related with Fortinet/Fortimail ; i guess it is related with a weak webdav implementation on the outlook's side.


/ Abel

regards / Abel
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With the help of a calendar, you can make a correct vacation schedule and work schedule, calculate wages, and more. It is a key element of planning and a guideline on which all reports, and even the main activity, are based. You can use standard calendars or download calendar templates on and choose the template that suits you best based on your tasks and needs. But without a calendar, it isn't easy to structure and organize anything.

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I have same issue sync webdav with outlook, it just frustrate, Fortinet TAC complete useless when is not Fortigate. With the help of a calendar, you can make a correct destination schedule and work schedule, calculate wages, and more.

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We are using Exchange 2016 CU9 on-prem.  In order to aid in collaboration, some of our staff would like to be able to share their calendars externally.  We have federation set up with one partner but not for many others.  Sharing a 'point in time' copy of a calendar isn't very useful as it would constantly have to be re-shared when updated.

I started looking into the "Publish Online" option in Outlook.  A lot of O365 deployments look like they can just publish directly to, but for our on-prem the only option I have is to Publish to WebDAV Server.

I need find about configuring a WebDAV server but it doens't really mention its tie in to Exchange.  I've added the WebDAV role but am kind of lost after that.

Can anyone advise on how to share calendars externally using WebDAV?


Hi betinajessen1,


Thank you for your post.


May I ask if you are using Exchange 2016 CU9 on-prem, I assumed this is your email server and your Fortimail should be deployed as Gateway mode right?


Based on the documentation below, only Fortimail running as server mode can do calendar sharing.


If you need assistance on how to do calendar sharing on Exchange 2016, I would suggest you contact Microsoft team.






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