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Hi all,Running 6.2.7, i'm trying to apply two different session profiles in both IP policies, but with same source IPResult: always match the first IP policy in order; it seems that the match is triggered just by source IP and ignore everything else ...
Hello everybody A customer FAZ 1000D running 6.0.8 is showing a permanent 100% disk I/O usage penalizing the whole operation since a couple of days( widget screenshot attached) Could anyone please share some strategies to attack the issue?Who would b...
Hello,Just asking for experiences and comments on the topic.Is anyone importing Acunetix vulnerability scan results into Fortiweb? Could you elaborate how do you integrate the xml file within the configuration?Such integration, does depends on the Fo...
Hello everybody, There's available in-a-box the 'number-of-session-timeline" dataset querying Traffic log this way: select $flex_timescale(timestamp) as hodex, sum(sessions) as sessions from ###(select $flex_timestamp as timestamp, count(*) as sessio...
Hello all,in order to obtain a profile of bandwidth usage vs specific FortiAPs, we found that all relevant an interesting values to build the dataset are in Traffic Log.There's also a builtin report with "Top-AP-By-Bandwidth".But, that report shows u...