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[FortiLAN Cloud] RADIUS Accounting

Hi Team,


    I'm having a issue receiving Accounting from authenticated users in my RADIUS environment, even though the configuration is correctly applied, there is no Accounting record.


    My RADIUS Server





    Is there something that needs to be done? as a license, because there's authentication but no accounting.



 FortiLAN  | v22.3_0323

 FortiAP - FAP221E | 7.2.1


Thank you in advance




Hello suportewispot!


Thanks for posting on the Fortinet Community Forum.


I will for assistance and get you documentation or help. We will contact you as soon as possible in this thread.


Kindest regards,

Jean-Philippe - Fortinet Community Team



1. With a FortiAP advanced management license, you can enable the following advanced settings:


2. As authentication is working and only accounting is not, you could try below:


a. Enable the following logs on the FAP SSH in question to see if we can get some hints:


# klog

# cfg -a ADMIN_TIMEOUT=0
# cfg -c
# cw_debug app hostapd 15
# cw_debug on


Turn off logs using command "cw_debug off" and setting "cw_debug app hostapd 0"


b. With the RADIUS accounting server method, the Accounting Interim Interval parameter becomes available. The AP will send an Interim Update Accounting-Request to update the RADIUS accounting server with time and bandwidth usage. The default value is set to 600 seconds (or 10 minutes).


You may try collecting AP uplink port-mirror captures if the hostapd logs do not help:


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Even though you say the configuration is correctly applied, there is no Accounting record being created. I'm not sure if there's anything that needs to be done in terms of licensing, but I do know of a tool that could potentially help you out with your accounting needs. Have you ever heard of Easy Online Pay Stub Generator? Now, I know that might sound a bit off-topic, but bear with me. The reason I bring it up is that this paystub maker could be a useful tool for tracking and organizing your accounting records. With a clear record of employee earnings, deductions, and taxes, it could help you ensure that your accounting records are accurate and up-to-date.

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