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FortiGuard License Question

I bought a 60D on eBay. I got it licensed through Fortinet in my company name. I got a 3 year Forticare contract last month. All is well. (Fortinet phone support is excellent, BTW.)

Now I would like to get the FortiGuard. But I feel like the company (an online reseller) that I am going to buy it through is giving me the runaround and not being completely forthright about the pricing. They claim that they have to call Fortinet and jump through some hoops to prorate or make the contract periods match up with the now one month old FortiCare contract.

I would like to do this through some other reseller at this point. Can anyone tell me what's what and recommend a reseller in the Southeast U.S.? We are a 2 man shop and it seems like some of the companies that I've called don't want to be bothered.

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On the page of, there are two paths. There are Contact sales and get a quote.




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You will indeed need a so-called "co-term" contract for FortiGuard/UTM services since FortiCare and FortiGuard have to align in contract period.


But, that is no big deal. Co-terms are like 2% more expensive than off-the-shelf contracts but they have the distinct advantage that they are day-based. You could have them tailored for 365 days (=off-the-shelf), or 364 or 288 days...that's what they are for.


OTOH, if your current FTNT partner is not able to cope with such an everyday task, choose a different one. Wouldn't googling "Fortinet <mycityhere>" supply some offerings?


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