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FortiGate 100D will not accept factory login

I have a Fortigate 100D from my job and I was trying to do a factory reset by:


1- From a PC, connect to Fortigate unit using Hyper Terminal. 2- at the console login prompt, type in " maintainer" for userid 3- Type in " bcpbFGTxxxxxxxxxxxxx" for password (After bcpbFGT put the S/N of the Fortigate)

I tried this method but it still says incorrect username or password. I have tried FortiGate Explorer as well. It recognized the Firewall but still can't log in to set to factory. Any suggestions?

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If the factory reset doesn't work, have you tried the automated firmware update from a usb key on reboot?  Might depend on which version of FortiOS it has.



This step requires that the box is also configured for auto-install from USB. If not this will not work. I would suggest to format the Bootdevice and then flash it with a new FortiOs. This should bring you the device in the conditions like a factory reset.

The steps are described here:


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