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FortiEDR slowness

Does anyone here use FortiEDR? We started with v4 and it was a pretty good lightweight product but at the same time lacking a lot of features. Since upgrading to v5 we have had nothing but problems. Working with their support for months on Microsoft Dynamics being slow as hell with FortiEDR and now we seem to be getting complaints of slowness on regular laptops.

We actually had a customer go out and buy a new laptop because his was slow only to find out once we disabled FortiEDR his old laptop was fine (he obviously should of worked with us prior to buying a new laptop of course)

We have experienced other applications being slow as well such as Y.E.S. management (auto software). It is very weird how it affects random applications and in the case of Dynamics you can disable/enable FortiEDR and the slowness will be back in a few hours but not instantly. However disabling FortiEDR makes the problem go away instantly.
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It sounds like you've been facing quite a few challenges with FortiEDR, especially after the upgrade to v5. It's frustrating when it impacts performance across various applications, including Microsoft Dynamics. The situation where a customer bought a new laptop without realizing the issue was related to FortiEDR is certainly unfortunate. It's essential to collaborate and troubleshoot these issues effectively.

Regarding your question about FortiEDR usage, it would be valuable to hear from others in the community who might have encountered similar issues or have insights on how to address them. Sometimes, shared experiences and solutions from fellow users can be a significant help in resolving complex problems.

If you're still facing these issues, considering reaching out to FortiEDR support for further assistance might be a good idea. They might be able to provide guidance on optimizing the software's performance or addressing the slowness issues you're encountering.

And remember, you're not alone in dealing with these challenges – many IT professionals have faced similar situations. It's all about finding the right solutions to ensure your system runs smoothly. If you need help along the way, don't hesitate to 'call in a technical taxi' and seek expert guidance. Good luck with resolving these issues!

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You may try to give needed exclusions (be careful how you define them, since it can cause risk for protection),
Just go Securtiy Settings > Security Events> Exclusion Manager 
and click Add Exclusion for the group you having trouble and slowness.
also don't forget to click check box which is "Do not monitor also actions applied on the process."

I strongly believe this will solve the slowness in process you facing with. However Im warning once more if you don't define exclusion properly it might open your system to risks.

Don't make any typo mistakes and write the names of processes which you face slowness 

You may see an example process exclusion below:

Ekran Resmi 2023-10-25 10.09.22.png

Ceyhun Kıvanç Demir


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