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Anyone using FortiEDR?

I am looking at EDR solutions and did a demo of FortiEDR today. My only comparison at the moment is the SentinelOne demo I did yesterday, but will be looking at other products.

Not a lot of people in general in online communities who talk about FortiEDR/enSilio (it's all CrowdStrike, Cylance, and SentinelOne) so it's hard to find honest feedback. Hoping some folks in here may have some opinions on the product and any comparison to other EDR products they cross-shopped..

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Hello khogawani,


Thanks a lot for using the Fortinet Community Forum.


May I invite you to have a look on our Knowledge Base, under "FortiEDR"?:\


We have a lot of articles which could be helpful.



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Had the demo for FortiEDR, was really not impressed. And if it is like other Forti product, it will be plagued with bugs. 


Take a look at CarbonBlack, PaloAlto, GoSecure, CounterTack

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Have you ever done ByPass tests on any EDR?
Are you just a simple IT guy or a Cyber Security Analyst which giving consultancy to a lot of firms? 

we have done Attack Simulations with Cymulate on CrowdStrike, Sentinel One, FortiEDR, Trellix HX (EDR), Eset EDR 

We have noticed that CrowdStrike is not much better than FortiEDR according to its absurd price, what's more FortiEDR stops attacks in their early steps while CrowdStrike waits till last step.

Furthermore, we have tried some scripts to ByPass EDRs and we achieved that.
We told it to Eset and its been more than 6 months. This script still encrypts files while Eset EDR is active :)
We told it to SentinelOne, they didn't even do a reply for 3-4 months.
Fortinet patched it with an amazing speed within few weeks.

So before you criticise product by its forum or how common it is,
instead get more cyber security knowledge and experience. See how quick is the support.
One another benefit of FortiEDR, it has user-friendly management.
Keep this in mind FortiEDR is still didn't reach to adulthood
It already passed a lot of EDR solutions even tho its not in adulthood, I strongly belive it will be much better in future.

GoSecure and CounterTack don't even have place in Gartner Magic Quadrant EDR report. I didn't even need to tire myself to mention about them.

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