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FortiClient on Mac ARM with Windows 11 in parallels VM

When will there be an ARM64 Windows 11 version of the FortiClient VPN client be available?

I'm technical consultant working for many customers with many different VPN solutions. I'm using Windows under a Parallels Desktop VM to access those systems on a Macbook pro.

Now I switched to a new Macbook Pro with Apple M1 cpu which has an ARM64 architecture. So I'm now on Windows 11 ARM version. Cisco is the only VPN client (and those on virtual desktops) which is working in this constellation. I tried the 32 and 64 bit versions of the current windows FortiClients, none is working.

I think there has to be a new ARM Windows version with a new tap-module to solve the problem.

Has anyone a clue?


Best regards


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I am having similar issues. I have a VM on my M1 Mac. It starts to create the tunnel & fails at 95% Any luck figuring this out?


Thank you,


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Hi @fwxaption ,


Have you managed a workround or version of FortiClient that works on (M1 + Parallels + Windows 11)?
I'm trying to use it, but i receive a message that it keeps trying to install drivers.

If you have found a solution please share with us.

Thank you!

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Same issue here

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Any news? Fortinet?

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Same issue here.
Nearly works but seems unable to create the virtual network components it needs.

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Any news about this ?

Thank You

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Open Microsoft Store -> search "vpn" -> scrolldown search "FortiClient" -> install -> configure VPN under Windows (works for me)

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Thank you so much for your hint.


When I searched for "FortiClient" in the Microsoft Store, I found that App and I installed it. After the Installing process there is a white App with only a notice with some information, when you opened it in the Windows Start Menu. The Header is called: "FortiClient v1.0.1041".


To Configure the App, I open the Settings and searched for 'VPN Settings'. There I click on 'Add VPN' and add the Name, url:port, the Name and the Passphrase. We have no certificate in my Company. After that I select in VPN Provider the FortiClient. I enabled the "Remember my sign-in info".


There is no Client on the Taskbar or anything else.


When I connect with my ARM-Windows on my M1 Mac, hosted from Parallels Desktop, with the VPN from my Company, I have to go to Settings -> Network & internet -> VPN and click on the Connect-Button. 



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How to use Microsoft Store to install most recently version? The avaliable one is 2016.
Using directly from FortClient site does not work, installation run perfectly without erros, but when try to connect take a few second and finish, not complete VPN connection.
Something rare, constantly Windows is trying to install network interface without succes, i happend for you too? 


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