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FortiClient google play store no working

I used foritgate 1101E in china  we all used forticlient 

the chinese network can't access google play store ,but we have mpls vpn line to outside china through SSL-VPN to access google play store .

android phone still can't to access google play store after conecting to ssl vpn


ForiTac: the traffic of is forwarded from the local network when conecting to a tunnel ssl vpn





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Do you have a ticket opened for the issue with Fortinet TAC?

Google Playstore does a thing called "Certificate Pinning" which pins the public key of their SSL Certificate to the application itself. The application will do a check on the certificate and if it sees that Fortigate has resigned the original certificate, it will break the session. That is the reason it does not work. We usually have a list of domains we exempt in the SSL Certificate sensor which we know has been known to be used by applications that have Certificate Pinning.

As per a few of the other customers
Fixed the issue. by adding * in the Certificate Name.  Have to add it to the exempted addresses (by creating a new wildcard address) and it should work.


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