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Reports of VPN users to VLANs connections on Fortigate

Hi guys,


There´s a way to get reports from a Fortigate to show traffic from VPN users through local VLANs


Hey rufoa,

you would need to use FortiAnalyzer or FortiGate Cloud subscription to get customized reports.

You can get a general report (basically an overview with information about top users, events, web usage etc) using the FortiGate Cloud trial version.
FortiGate itself has very limited reporting function - if you have a model with a disk, you should be able to generate similar generalized reports, but there are no filtering/customization options.

To get a specific, filtered report (only VPN users, and only traffic to/from local VLANs) does require either FortiAnalyzer or FortiGate Cloud subscription.
If you have your own logging/reporting solution, FortiGate CAN send the raw logs via syslog for example.

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