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FortiClient VPN connection disconnects on macOS

Hello all,

First time post, apologies if there are any decorum faux-pas.

Is there a time-out limit with a licensed version of FortiClient on a macOS.

We have a mini-mac device that we would like to keep connected even when there is no traffic going through the connection, but all the testing I've done seems to indicate that the connection drops and attempts to reconnect every 10-15 minutes.

This wouldn't be a problem except we have a 2FA for the VPN connection and I have to click on the accept button everytime it reconnects. 

I've got the 'always up' box ticked but it seems to still disconnect.

Any anyone advise if the time-out exits, if it can be changed or if there is a work-around to make sure the connection stays up.

Thank you in advance to any helpers,



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Did you check the idle logout setting in the ssl-vpn Fortigate settings?  I believe it's enabled by default and set to 5 minutes.

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Unfortunately we don't have access to the EMS that we connect to as we're hosted by a thrid party. I made the request to have the timeout increased.

As a work-around we put a ping in place to constantly ping the connection. It hasn't dropped since.


Fixes Forticlient VPN Stopped Working macOS Ventura/Monterey
Solution #1. Check Your Apple MacOS firmware Update.
Solution #2. Check Forticlient VPN is up to date.
Solution #3. Uninstall Forticlient 6, and then install again.
Solution #4. Downgrade Your VPN App version.


Rachel Gomez

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I'm having this problem too on a Mac Mini (M1). The connection drops irregularly throughout the day. I've done lots of various tests and can share all of the following data points:

* Not related to idle (it happens sometimes when I am actively typing)

* Machine-specific. It does not happen on my M2 MacBook Air. Only on the Mac Mini.

* But not user account specific on the Mac (I tried with the Guest account on my Mac mini and had the same problem)

* I tried reinstalling the FortiClient software, problem persisted

* Mac OS Ventura is completely up to date

* Does not appear to be related to any other recurring process on the Mac (e.g. Time Machine)

* I did not have this problem with my previous Mac and do not have it with my MacBook Air so again it is a machine-specific problem and not my work VPN account or login, etc.


Any suggestions? Thank you.

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Is the Mac Mini configured to put the NIC card to sleep?


Thanks. I'm not familiar with what that is, and didn't change any setting that came with the machine.


Then yes, by default the Mac Mini will put itself to sleep.  You need to go to Energy settings within System preferences and ensure the PC/NIC are not set to sleep.


OK, but even when the VPN drops, everything else about my machine's network connection (e.g. web browsing outside of the VPN connection) is still active. Also, the MacBook Air has the same settings and I don't have the problem there.


So is the Mac Mini going to sleep or not?  Going to sleep will cause the VPN to drop.  

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