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FortiClient Install Fail

Install fails with FortiClientVPNOnlineInstaller_7.0.1.0083

No luck with any suggestions I've found on a similar thread.

This install fails at the "Installing Drivers" section with no error message to determine what went wrong.


I installed/uploaded a file. Change txt ext to 'zip'. This has the logs that I was able to find.


I've tried the following:

1. Run Install as Admin.

2. Turn off Anti-Virus

3. Low restrictions for UAC


Any help appreciated.



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hello,did you solve this issue?I got the same problem.


Not really. We discovered that Windows 10 had not been updated for over a year, nor would it allow a manual update. Likely due to a previous system/hard drive crash.  I'm fairly sure that FortiClient requires latest version of Win10. Good excuse to replace this PC that was easily 4 or 5 years old.


I was disappointed that I received no feedback from the logs I posted.


Yeah, I have the same issue as you.


I found using the following command with a copy of the MSI which I got out of the EXE would fail

 MSIEXEC /I forticlient.msi /l*v C:\Temp\ErrorLog.txt ADDLOCAL=Feature_Basic,Feature_Core,Feature_EndPointNAC,Feature_Firewall,Feature_SSLVPN,FEature_Sandbox,Feature_VPN,Feature_Vulnerability,Feature_WebFilter DONT_PROMPT_REBOOT=1 DONT_START_FCT=1 TRANSFORMS=:1003.mst REBOOT=ReallySuppress EMS_REPACKAGED=1 DESKTOPSHORTCUT=1 STARTMENUSHORTCUT=0



However, if I removed the Feature_VPN portion, and ran the command again, it would install fine, except for the fact it didn't install the VPN part (Which appears to have the Remote Control portion that I require so I can connect to our Companies VPN. The removal tools don't seem to help, and from what I can tell from all my testing and checking of logs it appears to be related to some drivers which it either fails to install for some reason.


It seems a number of people have had the same issue and also related to Error Code 1603 (which my system says as well), which to me looks like a reboot is required, and while I've got around that, this install failure still happens unless the install command above is used (without the Feature_VPN part): MSIEXEC /I forticlient.msi /l*v C:\Temp\ErrorLog.txt ADDLOCAL=Feature_Basic,Feature_Core,Feature_EndPointNAC,Feature_Firewall,Feature_SSLVPN,FEature_Sandbox,Feature_Vulnerability,Feature_WebFilter DONT_PROMPT_REBOOT=1 DONT_START_FCT=1 TRANSFORMS=:1003.mst REBOOT=ReallySuppress EMS_REPACKAGED=1 DESKTOPSHORTCUT=1 STARTMENUSHORTCUT=0


I have not seen a reply from any of the Fortinet staff with a fix for this and with all the articles I have seen I am surprised I haven't even seen a simple, "We are aware of this and are looking into a resolution".


If we could just figure out what's causing the Feature_VPN part to fail, I'm sure we could get the system to work,  we approximately have about 50 machines in the company with this issue. out of around 600 we have deployed to.





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