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Quarantine Hosts that don't have forticlient installed on a network behind a FortiGate + EMS

Hi Community,


Using an EMS, Fortigate and fortianalyzer if needed , I m trying to see how I can quarantine users that don't have a fortiClient installed and have the last signature from the EMS.


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Hi @Selim_mannai ,


To quarantine users who don't have FortiClient installed and do not have the latest signature from EMS, you can leverage FortiGate’s integration with EMS and FortiAnalyzer. Here's a step-by-step approach and the related document:

1-FortiClient EMS Configuration: Ensure that your FortiClient EMS is properly configured and managing your endpoints. This includes deploying the FortiClient with the necessary configuration profiles.

2-FortiGate Configuration: Integrate FortiGate with FortiClient EMS. Go to Security Fabric > Settings and configure the EMS server settings.

3-FortiClient Compliance Profile: Create a compliance profile in EMS to ensure endpoints have the latest signature and FortiClient installed.

4-Assign Compliance Profile: Assign the compliance profile to the endpoints.

5-Automation Stitch: Create an automation stitch to handle non-compliance actions. Go to Security Fabric > Automation and create a stitch with a trigger based on endpoint non-compliance and an action to add the user to the quarantine group.




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