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FortiAnalyzer not generating any reports

We have a 1000C and a 2000B FAZ and out of nowhere today we haven't been able to generate any report.


After I click on "Run Report Now" it starts with "Getting Data" and it finishes abruptly and the report is in blank stating there is no match. I attached a screen.


This is happening with every repor both custom and defined templates.


Please, any help would be much appreciated. 

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After having nearly a 4 hours session with factory we found out the issue.

We have over 80 equipments on each FAZ and we enabled the feature to Overwrite Old Logs. It seems this feature has been affecting the indexing since it stopped doing it 4 days ago (according to factory it happens in 5.0 but not in 5.2.4).

The only solution is to add more quota to each equipment so it stays at 80% and avoid the overwriting by deleting old logs, so it doesn't mess with the indexing.


Hope this helps to anyone.


Im having this issue but my limit for logging is 100% before it starts overwriting old logs, plus Im using 5.6.0 so its not quite similar to this but do you have any lead???

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