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FortiAP FP421E-v6.4-build0471 - iphone wireless issues

I recently upgrade to the  v6.4-build0471 firmware on my FortiAP FP421E access point.  Ever since then my our Apple IOS product have random disconnects or slowness.   My MacBook and PC's do not have any issues.  Has anyone else had this issue?  I've power cycled the AP and iPhone, created different SSID's with different settings to no avail.   My next step is to revert to the previous firmware.  




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Hello @ShieldNS 


                       Welcome to Fortinet community and Thank you for your post. Hopefully, you've been keeping safe and doing well!


Is this AP managed by a Fortigate that is on site or is it a standalone device?

If it is managed by Fortigate, do you see any related logs on the firewall?

Hope to hear from you soon.




Thank you for your response.   Yes  the AP is managed via my Fortigate firewall.  I'd like to say I was able to determine why we were having this issue, however the problem seems to have worked itself out or one of the changes I made fixed the issue.  


This topic can be closed. 


Thank you. 

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Hi ShieldNS,


I know that iPhones and Mac’s have settings for “Private Wi-Fi Address” enabled by default. This essentially uses a “random” MAC address which changes per network I think. Is it possible to turn this setting off on one device and see if it helps with your issue?


My thinking is that if you have any MAC address filtering or a WIDS profile with “Invalid MAC OUI” enabled you may see issues similar to what you are describing?


If the AP is being managed from a Fortigate (I presume it is?) the WiFi logs from GUI are quite helpful in the more recent releases. Are you able to see them?


Hope that gives you some ideas.


Let us know how you get on.


Kind Regards,





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