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Firmware Upgrade for FGT300C

Dear all,

Need advise on upgrading FGT firmware.

Should I upgrade the FGT300C firmware from ver 5.2.4 to ver 5.4?

Is there any risk or potential failure to the system.





It's very buggy and not currently really recommended for production workloads.


If it's a test firewall, I'd say go ahead.


But for 5.4 - I'd wait till at least 5.4.3 or so before putting it near a production workload.


As always, it depends on the features you are using/planning to use, but first releases are generally not the best ones to apply of a new firmware line where Fortinet is concerned :)




Hey I've got good news for you! Your choice is easy. You can't upgrade to 5.4 as they have already abandoned the 300c! Isn't that great! I know! My less than 2 year old units are already being left behind in firmware upgrades. 

But don't worry, I'm sure your sales rep will give you a sweet deal on upgrading those "old" 300C to some nice 300D's! 

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is it supported for 300c? I didn't find it in downloads.

It is very actual for as too.

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