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Firewall 60F Bandwith Issue

Hello, Recently we update the Wifi to 500mbs simetric, But we are presenting Bandwith Issues. If we do a test in the ISP device, the bandwith give 500/500mbs, Then if we connect us to our Fortigate 60F directlly we receive 300/500 mbs and en our Wifi test we are reaceiving 100/100mbs. We have 5 FortiAP 221E. We don´t have any restriction or policy, neither thaffic shaper. What could happen?




For the WiFi limitation, since you are getting 100Mbps both directions it looks like the uplink of the AP is connected to a switch/cable that can't handle 1Gbps.

Fort the FGT, check the security features you have enabled on the firewall policy or encryption if used. Based on the Data Sheet this model should support more than 500Mbps throughput in NGFW/IPS.

- Emirjon
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Got it, Thanks. I will check the physically the cables.


Likely WiFi environment. Did you give it the best/ideal condition? FAP221E's datasheet shows the max datarate 867Mbps on RADIO2.
I assume that number is based on under an ideal condition, 5GHz 80MHz channel-width, only one SSID with one client only.


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