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FortiGate 61F Blocked Web access after FortiGuard License Expired


I have experienced an issue with the firewall FortiGate 61F Web access is blocked and Outlook, MS Teams do not work after the FortiGuard license has expired. 

As I checked I didn't enable any Web Filtering in all policies except 1 policy that specific computers to use AntiVirus and another in Web Filtering applied to wifi-default. Other policies didn't apply anymore but the issue persists.

Currently, I have a workaround to create a new firewall policy all allows to bypass any internet traffic.


Have you ever faced an issue like this? please kindly share information. 


Thank you.

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Hello @PrikLarb ,


Normally, FortiGate blocks traffic if you use a security profile after the license expires. 

I think your problem is related to sessions. If the client session doesn't end, FortiGate doesn't look up the policy again. You say I configured a new policy and my client working without any problem.


Can you clear your session table? After this operation, Fortigate should turn to normal behavior. If it didn't work, and if applicable can you try to restart your FortiGate unit?

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If you have found a solution, please like and accept it to make it easily accessible to others.NSE 4-5-6-7 OT Sec - ENT FW

Hello @ozkanaltas ,


Thank you for your suggestion, I'll find slot to try this.


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