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Faz end life and license

Hello I would like your collaboration, you have a face 1000c that is in the end of life dated 2019/01, the license expires in 2018/11, in that case after expiration of the license it is possible that the team continues to function normally obviously without having the possibility of do some firmware upgrade and support with fortinet, or once the license expires will any function be lost? (retention of logs, addition of fw, generation of reports) When a team enters the end of life can not renew when that date the team can still be used for reporting without hardware support or updates, all its features work unless the team is physically damaged or firmware issues? Thank you

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The FAZ does not have a license to use. I suspect the one you're mentioning is for the support contract which when it expires means you will not be able to create support tickets for it.


It will still function after the support expires, and you will still be able to update it to the latest version that your box supports.


So again, all features will work just like normal when it goes end of life/support.


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