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Default Fortigate 60E SSL - is this ok?

Is there any drawbacks to using the default SSL certificate within the Fortigate 60E for VPN access? We have a company SSL but for some reason its taking a very long time for comodo to authorise it and check the business it legit as we are charity.   Will it still be a secure connection with the Fortigate SSL and also which one as there are so many Fortinet_SSL, Fortinet_Factory, etc?  


Do you perform a SSL certificate authentication? If not, the certificate simply proves that the name belongs to your company. You will certainly use the IP address in the meantime, so I don't see any security issues while waiting for the certificate generated by your CA, users will simply see a warning on the browser.

For the SSL VPN by default, the Fortinet_Factory is used.



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It will still work and users will still be secured but they will get a certificate warning each time they want to connect.