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FSSO Agent Based, is Traffic secure from agent to collector to Fortigate?



We have setup FSSO using the DC agent based method and have a collector Agent connected to our Fortigate. All working as per the documentation.


However we have been asked a simple question that I can't find a clear answer on so far.


Is the traffic sent from the DC Agents to the Collector Agent encrypted/secure? Also the same for the traffic from the Collector Agent to the Fortigate?


The docs mention the ports used;


DC Agent keepalive and push logon info to CAUDP/8002CA keepalive and push logon info to FortigateTCP/8000


We need to tick off that the traffic, as it contains user information is not floating through the network in a way that could be compromised.


Anyone have an insight in to this, it would be interesting and big help.



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I am uncertain, however you if you can run a mirror port / and or packet capture on the uplinked switch you should be able to see if the traffic on tcp/8000 udp/8002 is encapsulated.

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