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FGT60E - cannot be accessed via LAN

We have a fortigate 60E running 5.6.6

the last couple of weeks we've noticed that we cannot access the 60E's GUI via the internal LAN (or if we connect via SSL VPN)..

the page doesn't even open, and sometimes we can't even ping the 60E from the internal LAN ..

We can still access the GUI via WAN though...

Any suggestions ?

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 - Are you trying to reach the fortigate public WAN IP address from LAN ? Or the fortigate LAN address ?


Also, I would suggest checking if configured limitations at the Administrator settings:

 - System > Administrator > check the username > and check for "Restrict login to trusted hosts" setting


If none , I suggest running the sniffer to see if packets arrive at the fortigate interface from your PC IP:

 # diagnose sniffer packet any 'host <your PC IP address> and host <your fortigate LAN interface address>'



We are trying to reach the fortigate's GUI from LAN and it's not reachable.

We can reach it from external location from the WAN ip address..

And there's no "restrict login to trusted hosts" setting enabled (we can access the fortigate from any location via its WAN ip..


We've tried with a reboot but it didn't helped. We'll try with the sniffer (or maybe a firmware upgrade)



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