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We have a fortigate 60D, running 6.0.9, with two WAN lines from two different ISP's.WAN1 interface - ISP#1WAN2 interface - ISP#2which are members of sd-wan for redundancy & load balancing. we have some peculiar issues with the connectivity via WAN1 i...
We have a fortigate 60E running 5.6.6the last couple of weeks we've noticed that we cannot access the 60E's GUI via the internal LAN (or if we connect via SSL VPN)..the page doesn't even open, and sometimes we can't even ping the 60E from the interna...
We have a Fortigate 60D running 6.0.9We have two internet lines.One is connected to 60D via WAN1The other one is used by a Cisco router (which is in the same subnet with the 60D / 60D has and Cisco has respectively)We can add...