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FG60F upgrade not clear about following upgrade path

I recently upgraded a FG60F running 7.0.5 to 7.0.12.  After looking at the upgrade tool, the recommended path was:  7.0.5 --> 7.0.7 --> 7.0.9 --> 7.0.11 --> 7.0.12.   However, that is not what happened when using the GUI. 


When I started, the GUI (System>>Firmware) allowed me to chose to Follow Upgrade Path.  It showed the path going from 7.0.5 to 7 to 9 to 11 to 12, where 7.0.7 would be installed as port of the incremental upgrade process.

.Upgrade from 7.0.5 (1).JPG












I chose Backup config and upgrade.  This resulted in:

   - a backup being generated

   - 7.0.7 downloaded and installed

   - the unit rebooted


I logged into the FG and the current software was 7.0.7.  I then went back to System>>Firmware.


This time is showed: 


Upgrade from 7.0.5 (2).JPG










After clicking on: Upgrade from 7.0.5 (3).JPG


The image was expanded showing that 7.0.9 would be installed as part of the incremental upgrade process.


Upgrade from 7.0.5 (4).JPG

I chose Confirm and Backup Config. 

This resulted in a backup being generated.  However, instead of 7.0.9 being downloaded and installed; 7.0.12 was downloaded and installed.  The rest of the upgrade path was ignored.


Upgrade from 7.0.5 (5).JPG


This brings me to my questions:

1. Is there something wrong with the upgrade process in the GUI?

2. Am I missing something?

3. Should I manually upgrade the unit, following the upgrade path recommended by the Upgrade Path Tool Table?

4. Can anyone shed light as to why this happened?







I checked in my Lab device GUI upgrade path seems to be not working as expected.

I would suggest you restore the device to the 7.0.7 image, by performing flash format and restoring the 7.0.7 backup. Once done use the manual upgrade by uploading the image and follow the upgrade path,

That way you guarantee you will not run into unexpected issues later because maybe a missing/corrupted file/table that may not be in use now.
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