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FortiCloud Questions

I'm trying to wrap my head around something that's been confusing me for a while with FortiCloud - more specifically FortiGate Cloud. Right now I have a FG-101E with a FS-124E-FPOE switch and a pair of FAP-S421E access points. The FortiGate is connected to FortiGate Cloud and works just fine in that regard. From there I can access the menus as they related to the wireless and switching controllers just like being on the local FortiGate (well, close but not all the same). There is the whole FortiAP Cloud and FortiSwitch Cloud options in FortiCloud but my understanding is that those are only for stand alone access points and switches. In my case I'm using FortiLink to manage the AP/Switch gear. The dashboards on FortiAP/FortiSwitch Cloud are pretty cool when I seen a demo of them and offer much more information/reports .... but my question is can you utilize FortiAP Cloud and FortiSwitch Cloud when using FortiLink managed devices (assuming I had licenses)? I'm looking at a way to completely do everything cloud based but maintain the benefits of FortiLink. Thank you.
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From my understanding, FortiAP Cloud and FortiSwitch Cloud are primarily designed for standalone access points and switches. However, you can still utilize the functionality of FortiAP Cloud and FortiSwitch Cloud even when using FortiLink managed devices, provided that you have the necessary licenses.


FortiLink allows you to centrally manage and configure your FortiGate, FortiAP, and FortiSwitch devices. It provides seamless integration between these devices, allowing you to control and monitor them from a single interface.


While FortiAP Cloud and FortiSwitch Cloud offer additional features and insights, they may not provide the same level of integration and control as FortiLink. If you want to maintain the benefits of FortiLink and have a completely cloud-based solution, you may need to explore other options or consult with Fortinet's technical support for further guidance.


It's worth noting that the specific capabilities and compatibility of FortiCloud services may vary depending on your device models, firmware versions, and licensing. It's always recommended to refer to Fortinet's documentation or contact their support team for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding your specific setup.

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