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Effectiveness of Antivirus and Firewalls Against Modern Cyber Threats - Seeking Insights

I've been pondering the effectiveness of traditional cybersecurity measures like antivirus programs and firewalls in the face of modern cyber threats. With the evolving landscape of online security, I'm curious to hear the community's thoughts on whether these tools still provide robust protection.  In the age of sophisticated malware and ransomware, do antivirus programs still serve as a reliable defense mechanism? Are there specific brands or features that stand out in combating modern threats?

How effective are traditional firewalls in preventing unauthorized access and safeguarding against the latest cyber threats? Are there additional measures or technologies that complement firewall protection?

I'm looking forward to hearing from those with expertise or experiences in navigating the contemporary cybersecurity landscape. EHallPass 


I appreciate any guidance or suggestions you can provide

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These advanced threats can be detected by FortiSandbox.

If I'm not wrong, FortiGate's antivirus is just signature based.

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