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understanding workflow / using JSON API to send files to sandbox

according to my (solved) question i have a general question:

how is the using of this api call / the workflow? (i only have the json api documentation file)


login -> getting session id (needed for further calls and logout)

fileupload -> getting submission id 

with the submission id i can cancel a job or get the job behavior file (what is that?) 

where do i get the result of the file scan? do i have to poll and ask all the time until it's finished?


so i try to understand how to use meaningful all this possibilites and calls.


thanks in advance for useful tipps, links or information!





Hello msc23, 


Thank you for using the Community Forum. I will seek to get you an answer or help. We will reply to this thread with an update as soon as possible. 



Jean-Philippe - Fortinet Community Team
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i appreciate that, Jean-Phillipe

thanks in advance,



Dear @msc23,


In general as you correctly said.:
Login & Collection Session ID.: The Session ID is required for further API calls and should be stored till the time you logout from the unit

File Upload & Collection of Submission ID.: When you upload a file you receive a Submission ID. The Submission ID is used to Identify the Job ID or Cancel a Job. Once you upload a File you can use the Submission ID to Collect the Job ID and based on the Job ID you can make Queries to receive the Result of the File (like a small Detailed Job Report)

Once you get the Job ID you need to make queries till the File Scan is Finished to view the results. You can try for example to use a loop with refresh rate ~30 seconds till you receive a Result.


Have a good day ahead.


Kind Regards
Konstantinos Agritelis
Fortinet EMEA TAC Engineer


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