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EMS keeps disconnecting with some endpoints

hello all,

in our organization we've implemented EMS, and some of our users experience regular disconnects from the EMS in the fortyclient VPN, 

it turns for the "connected" status to "unreachable" and they get errors when they attempt to connect.

the only solution we've found is to disconnect the EMS and reconnect it manually.


this proves problematic and as we have a lot of users who experience it for time to time, and some of them very frequently.


do you know how why does it happen? 
how can we fix it?

and in the meantime - how can we reset the EMS connection not manually?


What is the EMS version?

When the connection become unreachable, are the users able to ping/telnet to EMS server?

Is there any firewall doing deep inspection of packets between EMS server and clients?

If you are on 7.2, you may try enabling persistent connection -

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