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Dynamic Routing on FG

hi all, I'm using Fortigate for firewall and routing for my company. I have 3 sites make a ring Site1(FG110C)--Site2(FG110C)--SiteDataCenter(FG310B) and they are operating with static routing. Site1 has 200 end user and site 2 is the same. I want to change to dynamic routing for these three sites, but I am afraid of performance of these device when they process dynamic routes. Should I choose dynamic routing for this situation ? and should I choose Ripv2 or OSFP ? anyone can adivse me ? thanks a lot!

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NO performance should not be a issue As far as the most chatting  RIPv2 would be more chatter but either would work. if you want a protocol that even less impacting BGP would be okay.



All are open and support by other devices ( brad/foundry, cisco, juniper,etc.....)


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...but really, for keeping the sites up you'd only need 6 static routes for full mesh, even less for star topology. If I have to decide I look at the number of changes per year. If this number is high enough I choose a dynamic routing protocol. If it's less than, say, 10 I work with static routes. K I S S.

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Ede Kernel panic: Aiee, killing interrupt handler!
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Thanks for your recommend, I have to use dynamic routing because of making backup routes which static routing cannot do (when the connection between Site1--SiteDataCenter down, the end user at Site1 will be routed to site2 to reach to SiteDataCenter), it is similar to Site2. Btw, I have a problem: I will do "redistribute static" into OSPF on Fortigate, and I just need redistribute some specific routes (for example: At site1, I have 2 static routes: to Net1 and Net2, but I just need to redistribute Net1 into OSPF), but I haven't found any solution to do this on Fortigate. When I do "redistribute static" on Fortigate, the Fortigate advertises all static route belong it. How can I do this ? Please advise me! Thanks a lot!


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