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Dynamic RDNS?

Kind of a weird request, i know, but here's some background info to help explain: I have a network with no internal DNS, where most devices get DHCP leases (from the Fortigate), and a large portion of the network is BYOD. I have a logging tool that I'm trying to deploy, the tool needs to resolve IPs back to hostnames, but it's written in such a way that it needs to query a DNS server.


If I had a (for example), Windows DNS server, it'd be a simple matter of setting up an RDNS zone, but alas, it's not something we can stick on the network.  I'm wanting to see if we can get the Fortigate to accommodate this thing. I see that the firewall was able to resolve all (most) of the names of the devices on the network. Is it possible to setup an RDNS zone on the firewall, and dynamically/periodically import this data into it, so that devices can query the firewall for the info?



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The DNS server functionality on the FortiGate is pretty basic. I would deploy a DNS server running on Windows Server and just let your FortiGate issue that out as the DNS of preference personally.

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Thank you for the input, it's not what I hoped for, but it is what I expected.

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