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DHCP not passing dns to client

FG-60 as dhcp server. Wan1 gets static IP from ISP via DHCP. System ->Network ->Wan1 shows " Acquired DNS: " Yet when I release and renew on my client pc, it is still retaining old values from previous experimentation (Level3' s) I have confirmed I do not have these Level3 values anywhere else on the FG, nor statically coded to the client. Have rebooted the FG and the clients, released/renewed same thing.
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Fortigates aren' t DNS servers, but can be used to proxy DNS requests (I believe). The PC has to be set to use the FGT as it' s DNS source. It won' t be picked up by the PC automatically. Personally, I use Linux DNS services and leave the FGT to route, and scan. That' s what it' s built for. Make sure you add DNS entries into the DHCP configuration in the FGT. Also run an ' IPCONFIG /FLUSHDNS' from the command prompt to clear out any artifacts that may be left over from the old DHCP configuration. ' IPCONFIG /RENEW' may take care of this as well.

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See my Fortigate related scripts at:

Bob - self proclaimed posting junkie!See my Fortigate related scripts at:

If you use DHCP server for any interface, configure DNS settings (and WINS, etc) in DHCP server configuration for that iface (your own servers or isp dns servers) ISP' s acquired DNS servers are not automagically translated to internal dhcp leases.


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